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Easy Crochet Scrunchie Pattern

Let's make another scrunchie! This is a beginner friendly crochet pattern with an advanced look. It makes a nice touch to your hair style or as a handmade gift.

I am getting ready for another local market and I had so many skeins of the cotton yarn. I was lucky because one skein is enough to make two scrunchies. What a great deal to make a pack of two in the same colour.

I love the simple and gentle look of them. If you'd like to try different scrunchie style, feel free to visit my another post with the scrunchie pattern.

Crochet Scrunchie at the flower pot and around the hand

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This pattern and all images associated with this pattern cannot be sold or claimed as your own.

You are allowed to sell finished cardigan. Feel free to mention me for creating this pattern, it would make my day and I can share your finished project on my social media if you allow.

Please, if you need help with this pattern or you have any questions, don't hesitate to email me on I'll be happy to help you:)

YouTube video tutorial:

For a video tutorial visit this link on my YouTube channel where I explain this pattern step by step.

What you need for this scrunchie:

Yarn - I picked Cotton Kings 8/4 from Hobbii (1 skein = 50g/1.75oz, 170m/185yds) 1 skein is enough for 2 scrunchies)

You can pick any other yarn if you'd like. In the directions I explain how to adjust the pattern for any different weight of the yarn and different size of the hook.

Hook - 3.5mm/E4

Hair Elastic - You can easily get them anywhere in the store or I ordered them on Amazon.

Yarn Needle, Stitch Marker (optional)

Materials for crochet scrunchie


- You work the entire pattern in the round

- SC in the back loop only


Fch - foundation chain

Ch - chain

SC - single crochet

BLO - back loop only

Sl St - Slip Stitch

How to adjust the pattern with different wight of the yarn and size of the hook:

Before I start with the pattern with my actual yarn I used I'd like to explain how you can adjust the pattern for other yarn and hook size. Please note, that the look of the scrunchie will be slightly different than on the pictures you see.

So, it's actually very simple.

Make your fch with your yarn and the hook (there's no need of a specific number of chains) longer than your stretched hair elastic when you join your fch together as you see on the picture.

Stretched hair elastic with crochet foundation chain

As long as the base of the crochet rectangle for the scrunchie is bigger than the stretched hair elastic it will give you the scrunched look.


Ch 80 - make sure your fch is not twisted and then join with a sl st with your first ch

crochet foundation chain in the round

From now on you'll be working in the round for the entire pattern.

ROW 1 - SC in each chain.

ROW 2 - Once you completed your last SC in the previous row, work your SC in BLO right away into the first st from the previous row

ROW 3 - ROW 16 - SC in BLO all around. Then sl st into the next stitch. Secure the row and leave a long tail to sew the scrunchie.

Crochet scrunchie base

Now flip the rectangle inside out and grab your hair elastic.

Put the elastic on the middle of the scrunchie rectangle. Make sure your tails are above each other. Grab your yarn needle.

Hair Elastic and Crochet Base for Scrunchie

Fold the sides together so you hide the elastic inside of the scrunchie and your right side is now visible. Sew the parts together through each stitch all around (keep your short tail in the scrunchie so you don't need to weave it in).

Once you are at the end, make a double knot to secure the scrunchie and weave in the tail. You can adjust the sewing trail to the bottom of the scrunchie so it won't be visible.

Ta-da! Your scrunchie is done! I hope you enjoyed this easy peasy pattern. Don't hesitate to share, comment or like this post <3


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