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Crochet Forest Dream Blanket Free Pattern

If you like mindless crocheting this blanket is the right project for you. It's done only in one stitch and it's perfect for long rainy days. For this throw I used a little bit bigger hook than recommended so for the first row be patient and try to make the foundation chain loose so you will easily insert the hook into the chains for the first row. The bigger hook for the worsted yarn makes the blanket more stretchy and it feels light. I was trying to find the perfect green shade for this blanket so it could match with my bedding sheets of pumpkin colour. I think this Hunter Green from LionBrand Yarn is the perfect one and I used only 3 balls of Pound of Love! Of course the colour and the brand is up to you and I can't wait to see your colour ideas.

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Also feel free to watch my YouTube video tutorial where I explain this pattern step by step.

For this blanket you need:

• 10 mm hook / US N

Yarn - I picked from LionBrand Yarn Pound of Love, Hunter Green, 3 balls

Gauge - the gauge is not necessary for this project

• scissors, yarn needle


This blanket is very open minded when it comes to the specific numbers of sts and rows. You can decide what size you'd like for your blanket.


1) Every row ends with turning ch 1. It does NOT count as a first stitch of the next row.

2) This blanket is crocheted lengthwise.

3) For this blanket you always start with any even number of foundation chain.

4) Whole pattern is made with Trinity Stitch.


FCH - foundation chain

CH - chain

SC - single crochet

SC3tog - 3 single crochet together

St - stitch


(images with steps are demonstrated on a smaller hook just for the tutorial)

Ch 220 (or any even number of the FCH for your desired size of the blanket)



Into your 2nd ch make a SC

SC3tog starting in the same stitch as your first SC (you should have 4 loops on your hook)

YO and pull up the loop through all four loops


You repeat the pattern from step 3 to step 5 until you have your last two chains left at the end of the row

You make SC3tog starting in the same stitch as your last one. You DON'T make any ch1 after this. Instead SC into the same (your last) ch. Ch1 (does not count as a first stitch for the next row). Turn.


- Into your first ST make SC.

- *SC3tog starting from the same stitch as SC (step 3 and step 4), ch 1*, repeat from *to* until your last two stitches left.

- SC3tog starting from the same stitch as your SC3tog, SC, ch1. Turn ( step 6 and step 7)

ROW 3 - ROW 118 (or until your desired size of the blanket) - Repeat ROW 2

FRINGE (optional)

I attach only one folded string at the end of the each row. If you'd like the fringe richer, you can use more strings for one fringe. For video tutorial how to attach the fringe, visit this link of my YouTube video where I explain how to do so.

- cut about 13" long strings out of your yarn (or any length you desire for the fringe)

- fold one string on half

- you attach the fringe on the shorter sides of the blanket

- grab your hook and insert it at the end of the row

- put the yarn at the middle where you folded it on the hook and pull up the loop

- you put the tails over the hook and pull them through the loop

- tight it and you have your first fringe attached

This pattern and all images associated with this pattern cannot be sold or claimed as your own.

You are allowed to sell finished throw. Feel Free to mention me for creating this pattern, it would make my day and I can share your finished project on my social media if you allow. If you have your account you can tag me under @happyheartsy.


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