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PAWsome Throw | Free Crochet Pattern

Welcome all dog lovers.

I assume if you noticed this crochet pattern you are either a dog owner, dog lover or it's for someone who has a fur baby.

This crochet pattern is made in C2C method and it works up quite fast. Like for any graphan the most intimidating thing is having tangled yarn. Well, I have a solution for your how to keep all attached yarn well organized.

One option is to use paper clips. Feel free to watch my short video on YouTube

Second option is to buy a plastic box, drill the holes on the lid and keep the yarn there. I also have a short video for this method

I hope these tips will help you for either this project or any other future ones.

Or do you have any other idea? Feel free to share your tip and contact me on my email or on one of my social media.


Here are the links where you can purchase ad free and printable PAWsome crochet pattern. You can find in the pattern a full crochet graph and well organized table chart with numbers and yarn colours. Etsy, Ravelry, Ribblr.

If you enjoy my crochet content but you don't feel like to purchase my patterns it's absolutely ok.:) That's why my patterns are free on my blog so it can be available for everyone!

There's also another way though how to support my work with Buy Me a Coffee (my version is Buy Me Yarn, you know why:) ). It cost you even less than my actual patterns. You can check the link above or the button below for more details.

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Here is the link for a YouTube tutorial where I explain C2C (corner to corner) method. In the description of the video you can find time frames for specific topics so you don't have to watch it all, just what you need.

For this throw you need


Colour A - Buff Fleck Super Saver Yarn Red Heart (medium 4) - approx. 1800m/1888yd

Colour B - Dark Charcoal, Loops & Threads, Impeccable Yarn (medium 4) - approx. 500m/570yd Crochet Hook - 6 mm, US - J/10

Scissors, Yarn needle


5 squares x 5 squares (corner to corner DC) = 4” x 4”, 10cm x 10cm

Throw measurements

46" x 60"

Crochet abbreviations

Ch - chain

DC - double crochet

Sl St - Slip Stitch


→ means the row goes from the left to the right (odd numbers of the rows)

← means the row goes from the right to the left (even numbers of the rows)

3A - means 3 squares with colour A

1B - means 1 square with colour B etc.

• when it’s (dec) before the number, it means you have to make the decreasing on that side

For example:

→ 61 (dec) 60A

- this is the odd number of the row so it goes from the left to the right, you make 60 squares of colour A, you decrease on the beginning of this row (last square of the ROW 60 is your corner square and now you start decreasing on this side)

← 76 (dec) 3A, 3B, 1A, 4B, 16A, 3B, 2A, 8B, 2A, 3B, 13A

- from this row you will start decreasing on both sides to make the rectangle shape (your first square of ROW 78 is your corner square. Now you will be decreasing on both sides.


→ ROW 1 WS - 1A

← ROW 2 RS - 2A

→ ROW 3 - 3A

← ROW 4 - 4A

→ ROW 5 - 5A,

← ROW 6 - 6A

→ ROW 7 - 1B, 6A

← ROW 8 - 6A, 2B

→ ROW 9 - 2B, 7A

← ROW 10 - 7A, 3B

→ ROW 11 - 4B, 7A

← ROW 12 - 8A, 4B

→ ROW 13 - 1A, 4B, 8A

← ROW 14 - 9A, 2B, 2A, 1B

→ ROW 15 - 2B, 13A

← ROW 16 - 14A, 2B

→ ROW 17 - 3B, 14A

← ROW 18 - 15A, 3B

→ ROW 19 - 4B, 1A, 2B, 12A

← ROW 20 - 11A, 4B, 1A, 4B

→ ROW 21 - 5B, 1A, 4B, 11A

← ROW 22 - 11A, 5B, 1A, 5B

→ ROW 23 - 5B, 2A, 4B, 12A

← ROW 24 - 12A, 4B, 3A, 4B, 1A

→ ROW 25 - 1B, 7A, 5B, 12A

← ROW 26 - 13A, 4B, 7A, 2B

→ ROW 27 - 2B, 3A, 2B, 3A, 4B, 13A

← ROW 28 - 14A, 2B, 3A, 4B, 2A, 3B

→ ROW 29 - 4B, 2A, 4B, 19A

← ROW 30 - 19A, 5B, 2A, 4B

→ ROW 31 - 1A, 4B, 2A, 4B, 20A

← ROW 32 - 20A, 4B, 3A, 2B, 3A

→ ROW 33 - 8A, 5B, 20A

← ROW 34 - 21A, 4B, 9A

→ ROW 35 - 10A, 4B, 21A

← ROW 36 - 22A, 2B, 12A

→ ROW 37 - from this row you continue with colour A increasing on both sides (until row 60)

← ROW 60 - this row is the last one with increasing on both sides (last square is your CORNER square)

→ ROW 61 - (dec) 60A

← ROW 62 - 60A

→ ROW 63 - (dec) 60A

← ROW 64 - 60A

→ ROW 65 - (dec) 60A

← ROW 66 - 27A, 10B, 23A

→ ROW 67 - (dec) 22A, 11B, 27A

← ROW 68 - 27A, 12B, 21A

→ ROW 69 - (dec) 20A, 13B, 27A

← ROW 70 - 4A, 2B, 22A, 12B, 20A

→ ROW 71 - (dec) 19A, 13B, 21A, 3B, 4A

← ROW 72 - 4A, 4B, 21A, 12B, 19A

→ ROW 73 - (dec) 19A, 11B, 22A, 3B, 5A

← ROW 74 - 6A, 2B, 22A, 12B, 18A

→ ROW 75 - (dec) 18A, 11B, 25A, 2B, 4A

← ROW 76 - first square is your CORNER square and you start decreasing on both sides

4A, 3B, 2A, 2B, 18A, 1B, 2A, 10B, 2A, 1B, 15A

→ ROW 77 - (dec) 14A, 2B, 2A, 9B, 2A, 2B, 17A, 3B, 1A, 4B, 3A

← ROW 78 - (dec) 3A, 3B, 1A, 4B, 16A, 3B, 2A, 8B, 2A, 3B, 13A

→ ROW 79 - (dec) 12A, 4B, 1A, 9B, 1A, 4B, 15A, 5B, 1A, 2B, 3A

← ROW 80 - (dec) 6A, 4B, 16A, 3B, 2A, 8B, 2A, 3B, 12A

→ ROW 81 - (dec) 11A, 4B, 2A, 7B, 2A, 4B, 15A, 5B, 5A

← ROW 82 - (dec) 5A, 4B, 16A, 3B, 3A, 6B, 3A, 3B, 11A

→ ROW 83 - (dec) 10A, 4B, 3A, 5B, 3A, 4B, 15A, 5B, 1A, 2B, 1A

← ROW 84 - (dec) 3B, 1A, 4B, 16A, 3B, 4A, 4B, 4A, 3B, 10A

→ ROW 85 - (dec) 9A, 4B, 11A, 4B, 16A, 3B, 1A, 3B

← ROW 86 - (dec) 2B, 2A, 2B, 17A, 3B, 12A, 3B, 9A

→ ROW 87 - (dec) 9A, 3B, 2A, 1B, 5A, 1B, 2A, 3B, 22A, 1B

← ROW 88 - (dec) 1A, 2B, 19A, 3B, 2A, 2B, 4A, 2B, 2A, 3B, 8A

→ ROW 89 - (dec) 8A, 3B, 1A, 3B, 3A, 3B, 1A, 3B, 19A, 3B

← ROW 90 - (dec) 3B, 19A, 2B, 1A, 4B, 2A, 4B, 1A, 2B, 8A

→ ROW 91 - (dec) 8A, 1B, 2A, 4B, 1A, 4B, 2A, 1B, 20A, 2B

← ROW 92 - (dec) 1B, 23A, 4B, 2A, 4B, 10A

→ ROW 93 - (dec) 10A, 4B, 1A, 4B, 24A

← ROW 94 - (dec) 23A, 4B, 2A, 4B, 9A

→ ROW 95 - (dec) 9A, 4B, 1A, 4B, 23A

← ROW 96 - (dec) 22A, 4B, 2A, 4B, 8A

→ ROW 97 - (dec) 8A, 3B, 3A, 3B, 22A

← ROW 98 - (dec) 22A, 3B, 2A, 3B, 8A

→ ROW 99 - (dec) 8A, 2B, 3A, 2B, 22A

← ROW 100 - (dec) 22A, 1B, 4A, 1B, 8A

→ ROW 101 - from this row you decrease both sides with colour A until to your last square (row 135)

Don’t forget to share your project on Instagram, if you have your account, you can tag me under

@happyheartsy. I would love to see your finished throw and share it with others.

This pattern and all images associated with this pattern cannot be sold or claimed as your own.

You are allowed to sell finished throw. Please mention me for creating this pattern, I would really

appreciate it:)

If you need help with this pattern or you have any questions, don't hesitate to email me on I'll be happy to help you:)


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