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Crochet Moon Phases Garland

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It's all about moon phases lately. I have a few crochet blankets with moon phases and I absolutely love them. I am also a Bohemian décor lover. I tried macrame because this craft is exactly for this style but crocheting is my top passion and I just haven't enjoyed macrame as much.

So, because you can crochet everything and I currently decorate my walls, I got an idea about this moon phases garland.

I made this as a pattern so I can share it with you and you can make one for yourself too. It's also a great handmade gift idea for your loved ones and for Bohemian lovers :) .

The pattern is super easy. Made only in SC. If you are a visual learner and you prefer videos to written patterns, check my YouTube video where I explain everything you need to know for this pattern. Mainly how to carry the main color through the moon phases and how to join new one.

I hope you enjoy this pattern! :) I can't wait to see your garland with your color choice on your wall. Feel free to tag me on Instagram or Facebook and give me a credit for this pattern, I would really appreciate it and this way I can see your garland :)

If you need any more help, don't hesitate to contact me on my email , I'll be more than happy to help.

Now let's crochet:)

YouTube video

What you need for this pattern:


• Color A - I used Bernat Handicrafter 100% cotton yarn for the background, Off White color approx. 280m/306y without fringes, with fringes is about 30m/33y more.

• Color B, C, D and E - I used Caron Cake Drift Wood color for the moon phases. I split the colors from 1 skein (I got 5 colors). I used only 4 colors.

• 12ft/3.7m yarn folded on half (this string is for the moon phases to hang them on)



Yarn needle, scissors


SCfch - single crochet foundation chain

FCH - foundation chain

ch - chain

SC - single crochet

NOTES for all moon phases:

  1. All garland is made in SC only.

  2. Ch 1 at the end of the row does NOT count as a first stich. It’s only turning ch.

  3. First row is foundation single crochet chain. Feel free to watch my YouTube video for this pattern where I explain it. It COUNTS as a first row.

  4. If you are not comfortable with foundation single crochet chain, you can make foundation chain first and than your first row of SC. For example if the pattern says 29 SCfch you make 30 FCH, then you turn the project, make first SC into the second ch from the hook, SC until the end of the row. Ch1. Turn. Then you continue with the second row. Your first row should have 29 SC in total.

  5. You always carry your color A through the moon phases.

  6. The rows are written in numbers only, for example 12A, 5B, 12A means 12 SC in color A, 5 SC in color B, 12 SC in color A.

  7. Once you are done with your moon phase, secure it and leave a long tail. With this tail you will attach your moon phase to the string.

  8. You crochet 1x full moon, 2x 3/4 moon, 2x half moon and 2x 1/4 moon.

  9. In the pictures below you see the order of the moon phases.

Directions for the full moon 1x:

Row 1 - 29 SCfch with your color A

Row 2 - Row 4 - 29A

Row 5 - 12A, 5B, 12A

Row 6 - 10A, 9B, 10A

Row 7 - 8A, 13B, 8A

Row 8 - 7A, 15B, 7A

Row 9 - 6A, 17B, 6A

Row 10 - 6A, 17B, 6A

Row 11 - 5A, 19B, 5A

Row 12 - 5A, 19B, 5A

Row 13 - Row 17 - 4A, 21B, 4A

Row 18 - 5A, 19B, 5A

Row 19 - 5A, 19B, 5A

Row 20 - 6A, 17B, 6A

Row 21 - 6A, 17B, 6A

Row 22 - 7A, 15B, 7A

Row 23 - 8A, 13B, 8A

Row 24 - 10A, 9B, 10A

Row 25 - 12A, 5B, 12A

Row 26 - Row 29 - 29A

Directions for the 3/4 moon 2x:

Row 1 - 29 SCfch with your color A

Row 2 - Row 4- 29A

Row 5 - 12A, 5C, 12A

Row 6 - 10A, 9C, 10A

Row 7 - 8A, 13C, 8A

Row 8 - 7A, 15C, 7A

Row 9 - 6A, 17C, 6A

Row 10 - 6A, 14C, 9A

Row 11 - 10A, 14C, 5A

Row 12 - 5A, 14C, 10A

Row 13 - 11A, 14C, 4A

Row 14 - 4A, 14C, 11A

Row 15 - 11A, 14C, 4A

Row 16 - 4A, 14C, 11A

Row 17 - 11A, 14C, 4A

Row 18 - 5A, 14C, 10A

Row 19 - 10A, 14C, 5A

Row 20 - 6A, 14C, 9A

Row 21 - 6A, 17C, 6A

Row 22 - 7A, 15C, 7A

Row 23 - 8A, 13C, 8A

Row 24 - 10A, 9C, 10A

Row 25 - 12A, 5C, 12A

Row 26 - Row 29 - 29A

Directions for the 1/2 moon 2x:

Row 1 - 29 SCfch with your color A

Row 2 - Row 4- 29A

Row 5 - 12A, 5D, 12A

Row 6 - 10A, 9D, 10A

Row 7 - 13A, 8D, 8A

Row 8 - 7A, 8D, 14A

Row 9 - 14A, 9D, 6A

Row 10 - 6A, 8D, 15A

Row 11 - 16A, 8D, 5A

Row 12 - 5A, 8D, 16A

Row 13 - 17A, 8D, 4A

Row 14 - 4A, 8D, 17A

Row 15 - 17A, 8D, 4A

Row 16 - 4A, 8D, 17A

Row 17 - 17A, 8D, 4A

Row 18 - 5A, 8D, 16A

Row 19 - 16A, 8D, 5A

Row 20 - 6A, 8D, 15A

Row 21 - 14A, 9D, 6A

Row 22 - 7A, 8D, 14A

Row 23 - 13A, 8D, 8A

Row 24 - 10A, 9D, 10A

Row 25 - 12A, 5D, 12A

Row 26 - Row 29 - 29A

Directions for the 1/4 moon 2x:

Row 1 - 21 SCfch with your color A

Row 2 - Row 6 - 21A

Row 7 - 9A, 4E, 8A

Row 8 - 7A, 3E, 11A

Row 9 - 12A, 3E, 6A

Row 10 - 6A, 3E, 12A

Row 11 - 13A, 3E, 5A

Row 12 - 5A, 3E, 13A

Row 13 - 14A, 3E, 4A

Row 14 - 4A, 3E, 14A

Row 15 - 14A, 3E, 4A

Row 16 - 4A, 3E, 14A

Row 17 - 14A, 3E, 4A

Row 18 - 5A, 3E, 13A

Row 19 - 13A, 3E, 5A

Row 20 - 6A, 3E, 12A

Row 21 - 12A, 3E, 6A

Row 22 - 7A, 3E, 11A

Row 23 - 9A, 4E, 8A

Row 24 - Row 29 - 21A

Attaching the moon phases to the string:

  1. Cut 12ft long string (I used the same yarn as the background color A)

  2. Fold it on half (so now you have 6ft) and make a knot at the ends of the string.

  3. Put the knot to the middle of the string, so you will hide it with your full moon phase.

  4. Grab your full moon phase, insert the yarn into the yarn needle.

  5. Keep the string on top of your last row of the moon phase and with your yarn needle go around from back to the frond through each stitch until the end of the row.

6. Secure it on the back of the moon phase, weave in the tail and cut it.

7. This way you attach the rest of the moon phases.

8. Feel free to watch my YouTube video where I show how to attach the moon phases to the string.

How to attach the fringes:

  1. Cut 7” long strings (or any desired length).

  2. Fold it on half as you see on the picture below.

  3. Insert the hook into your first bottom stitch of your moon phase, and put the loop of the folded string on the hook.

  4. Pull through the stitch so you have a loop on your hook, put all strings around your hook and pull them through the loop. See on the picture below.

5. Tight it and you made your first fringe.

6. Continue with the fringes in every bottom stitch for all moon phases.

7. Feel free to watch my YouTube video where I show how to attach the fringes.

This pattern and all images associated with this pattern cannot be sold or claimed as your own. Feel free to sell your finished product and you can also mention me in social media as the creator. I would really appreciate it:)

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20 sept. 2023

hi, thanks for sharing this pattern! one question, how do you hide the contrasting / carried yarn when you turn to begin a new row?

28 sept. 2023
En réponse à

Hi there, you are very welcome:)

About the carried yarn I actually don't carry the yarn all the way to the end of the row..I just leave the contrasting yarn after I make the last stitch with it. I carry only the main colour which would be the white in this case. I hope it makes sense:) Feel free to watch my YouTube video where I explain how I do it :)

Let me know if you have any questions:)

Happy Crocheting


20 juin 2023

Hey, do you ahve a paid verison, all ready to print? I'd love that!

29 juin 2023
En réponse à

Hi there, I am sorry for late response. I just noticed your question. If you haven't got it yet I have this pattern available on my Etsy right here

or on Ravelry

Let me know if you need any help:)

Happy Crocheting:)


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