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Crochet Twisted Headband

I always say that winter hats are never enough and I can say the same about headbands. In Calgary we have really cold and long winters so it's definitely nice to have more than one hat/headband just to match your outfits. Right?! :)

This twisted headband is super easy crochet pattern and very beginner friendly. All you need to know is how to half double crochet (HDC).

I also made a YouTube video for this pattern so feel free to check it out right here.


This pattern is for one size only. The headband is also stretchy so it will most likely fit your head. If you feel like you have a smaller head, make less stitches.

What you need:

YARN - I use super bulky yarn from LionBrand Re-Spun Thick and Quick. It's 100% recycled polyester yarn, super soft and very nice yarn to work with. Of course you can use any super bulky yarn.

HOOK - 10mm



FHDC - foundation half double crochet

CH - chain

HDC - half double crochet

BLO - back loop only

ST - stitch


You have 2 options how to start.

1. ch 46, turn

Row 1 - HDC into the second ch from the hook, HDC in every ch until the end of the row. Ch 1. Turn. Continue with Row 2.


2. make 45 FHDC. Ch 1. Turn. (This counts as a first row)

Row 2 - HDC into the first st (turning ch does not count as a first st for the row) in BLO. HDC in every st in BLO until the end of the row. Ch 1. Turn.

Row 3 - Row 7 - repeat Row 2.

Now secure your headband and leave a longer tail for seaming the short sides together.

Now grab the short sides of the headband and fold each side on half to make V shapes as you see on the picture below.

Now put them together so the folded halves are overlapped. See the picture below.

Now with your longer tail you seam all 4 layers together until you meet the beginning tail. With the tails you make a double knot so this way you secure your headband. Weave in the ends. Flip your headband and ta-da, your headband is ready to wear. :)

For better understanding how to seam the sides together, feel free to watch my YouTube video for this pattern where I explain everything you need to know.


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