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Boho Moon Crochet Tapestry Free Pattern

My third tapestry of my boho collection is here! If you'd like to see the other two, feel free to visit this blog post for my Flower of the Moons Tapestry or Boho Leaf Tapestry so you can add it to your to crochet list. :) I hope you enjoy this pattern as much as the other two. :)

If you'd like to purchase ad free, printable pattern, go to my Ravelry or Etsy. For the all collection you can purchase all three patterns for better price on my Etsy. In the paid pattern you can also find a written instructions for this tapestry. With the purchase you are not only getting full version of the pattern you also support my work so I can design more patterns for you. :) Thank you.

If you enjoy my crochet content but you don't feel like to purchase my patterns it's absolutely ok.:) That's why my patterns are free on my blog so it can be available for everyone!

There's also another way though how to support my work with Buy Me a Coffee (my version is Buy Me Yarn, you know why:) ). It cost you even less than my actual patterns. You can check the link above or the button below for more details.

BIG THANKS for everyone who supports me by purchases, likes, shares, comments, tags or/and feedbacks! It means a lot to me.

Boho Moon Crochet Tapestry

For this tapestry you need:

• 5 mm hook / US I/9

Yarn (I used from Loops&Threads Impeccable yarn but any worsted (medium 4) yarn works well.

Colour A - White - you need approx. (including for the fringe) 32g / 66m

Colour B - Dark Charcoal - you need approx. 39g / 80m

Colour C - Pumpkin - you need approx.19g / 40m

Gauge: 14SC x 16rows = 10cm / 4inch

• wooden dowel 12"

• scissors, yarn needle


Length: 13" without fringes

Width: 10" without wooden dowel

YouTube video:

Feel free to visit my YouTube video where I explain:

6:25 - How to FCH with more colours + float technique

19:08 - How to FSC with more colours + float technique

25:38 - How to change yarn colour at the end of the rows

30:07 - Tips and tricks for tapestries (how to use paper clips for any colour work, invisible knot)

35:39 - How to attach wooden dowel

41:22 - How to attach the fringe

Don’t forget to share your project on Instagram! If you have your account you can tag me under @happyheartsy. I would love to see your finished tapestry so I can share it with others.

This pattern and all images associated with this pattern cannot be sold or claimed as your own.

You are allowed to sell finished tapestry. Feel free to mention me for creating this pattern, it would make my day and I can share your finished project on my social media if you allow.

Please, if you need help with this pattern or you have any questions, don't hesitate to email me on I'll be happy to help you:)


RS - right side

FCH - foundation chain

FSC - foundation single crochet

SC - single crochet

Ch - chain

St - stitch


1) This pattern is done in SC.

2) Every row ends with turning ch 1. It does NOT count as a first SC of the next row.

3) This pattern is worked from the bottom up.

4) Every odd row is your RS.

5) This patten is only a free graph design, if you'd like written instructions you can purchase the pattern on my Etsy or Ravelry.

Directions for crochet tapestry:

You have two options how to start your tapestry:

1. Ch 39, insert your hook into your second ch from the hook and make your first SC, SC until

the end of the row, ch 1, turn (continue with row 2). In total 38 SC. If you'd like to learn how

to foundation chain with more colours, visit this link on my YouTube video.


2. ROW 1 (RS) - FSC 38, ch 1, turn (counts as a first row), now continue with row 2. If you'd like to learn how to foundation single crochet with more colours, visit this link on my YouTube video.

I assigned these colours for this pattern (using Loops&Threads Impeccable yarn)

Colour A - White - you need approx. (including for the fringe) 32g / 66m

Colour B - Dark Charcoal - you need approx. 39g / 80m

Colour C - Pumpkin - you need approx.19g / 40m

Boho Moon Tapestry

Boho Moon Crochet Tapestry

How to attach the wooden dowel (YouTube - 35:39 - How to attach wooden dowel)

Once you are done with your last stitch of this wall hanging, ch 1 and turn. Grab your wooden dowel and make a SC around it for the entire row (38 SC around the dowel). Once you are done with your last SC around the dowel, continue with a FCH for 38 chains, slip st on the other side, weave in the ends.

How to attach the fringe (optional) (YouTube - 41:22 - How to attach the fringe)

Make about 7" long strings of the colours you use at the bottom (or your first row) of the tapestry.

1. Take one string of the colour of the stitch you will attach to and fold it on half.

2. Insert the hook into the st at the bottom of your tapestry, put the string at the half on the hook.

3. Pull through the st, you create a loop on the hook, put the yarn tails over the hook and pull through. Tight it.

4. This way you continue for the entire bottom row. You always use the same string colour as the stitch.

Boho Moon Free Crochet Pattern


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