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Crochet Boho Coaster pattern

I am a Boho style lover and macrame is the best décor for this style.

I tried macrame but I am just not into it like I thought I would and then I realized why I make things more difficult? :D I can crochet anything! So why to push myself to do something I am not much fun of it but instead do what I love the most. Crochet.

This crochet boho style coaster pattern is super easy! Simple and fast project.

If you enjoy my crochet content but you don't feel like to purchase my patterns it's absolutely ok.:) That's why my patterns are free on my blog so it can be available for everyone!

There's also another way though how to support my work with Buy Me a Coffee (my version is Buy Me Yarn, you know why:) ). It cost you even less than my actual patterns. You can check the link above or the button below for more details.

BIG THANKS for everyone who supports me by purchases, likes, shares, comments, tags or/and feedbacks! It means a lot to me.

Are you a crochet beginner?

Well, this pattern is exactly for you <3 It's a great and very inexpensive gift and what's more? It's handmade by you! Handmade gifts are the best anyway, don't you think?

Here is the YouTube Video where I explain everything from very beginning step by step.

Also in this post you can find photo tutorial for this square coaster.

So let's get started!

What do you need?

  • cotton yarn (you can use also acrylic but I would recommend cotton one as you can safely use it for hot pots, hot mugs etc.) *

  • hook size K-10.5/6.5mm

  • scissors

* for this coaster I used Bernat Handicrafter Yarn. There are so many color options. For this pattern I used double string so I had 2 skeins of same color and pull the 1 string from each ball (see pic #1).


10sc x 11 rows = "4 x 4"


ch - chain

sc - single crochet

yo - yarn over


Ch 13 (Leave a longer tail as we hide it in the fringe at the end)

1 row - Insert the hook into the second ch from the hook (first ch is a turning ch only), SC in every ch until the end of the row. (See the pics below).

How to make SC:

Insert the hook into the ch. YO (pic #4), pull up the loop (you have 2 loops on your hook - pic #5), YO (pic #6), pull through 2 loops on your hook. (Pic #7)

Ch1 before you turn your first row.

2 row - Insert the hook into the first stitch and make SC. SC in every stitch until the end of the row. Ch1. Turn.

Continue with SC for 13 rows. Once you reach 13 rows, instead of ch 1 secure your coaster. YO, pull up the loop, cut your yarn and pull through. See pic #10.

Now you have your beginning and ending tail on the same side of the coaster.

How to make a fringe

Wrap your double string yarn around your hand as you see on the picture #12 or any other object for your desire length of the fringes.

Cut the yarn at the bottom of your hand/object and also all strings. As you can see on the picture #12, this is the length of the fringes.

For the tails you grab only one string. Fold it. Insert your hook into the first stitch right beside the tail. With your hook grab the loop of the folded string and pull through the stitch just enough to make the loop.

Grab the all strings with the tail, YO (all strings over the hook) and pull through the loop on your hook. See the picture #14.

For every other stitches you use 2 strings to make the fringe. You insert the hook into the stitch, with your hook grab the folded strings, pull through the stitch just enough to make the loop, YO (all strings over the hook), pull through the loop.

Now you made second fringe :).

You repeat until you have all 13 fringes on each side. Grab your scissors and make the sides even.

Ta-da. You make your first boho look crochet coaster :)

I hope you had fun crocheting it and the video and pictures were helpful:) I would be really happy if you can give me any feedback so I can improve myself.

I love to share my passion with you <3

This pattern and all images associated with this pattern cannot be sold or claimed as your own. Feel free to sell your finished product and you can also mention me in social media as the creator. I would really appreciate it:)


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