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Flowers Dream Throw Free Crochet Pattern

Let's dive into the world of Flowers Dream with my crochet throw pattern that is perfect for all beginners or those who wants to learn how to crochet a colour work. This throw is done in double crochet only and the pattern is easy to follow.

Flowers Dream Throw Crochet Pattern

If you'd like to support my work and get this pattern ad free and printable, feel free to visit my shop on Etsy and Ravelry. You can find in the pattern a full graph of this throw and also well organized table chart with numbers of stitches and yarn colours.

Also, for a bundle of Flowers Dream Throw and Pillow you can purchase it on my Etsy under this link.

If you enjoy my crochet content but you don't feel like to purchase my patterns it's absolutely ok.:) That's why my patterns are free on my blog so it can be available for everyone!

There's also another way though how to support my work with Buy Me a Coffee (my version is Buy Me Yarn, you know why:) ). It costs you even less than my actual patterns. You can check the link above or the button below for more details.

BIG THANKS for everyone who supports me by purchases, likes, shares, comments, tags or/and feedbacks! It means a lot to me.

This post contains affiliate links for the yarns I used and love and it also displays ads. I make a small commission if you purchase through these links or through the Ads which in no way affects the cost to you. The revenue I receive from Ads, and affiliate links, help me to support my small business which allows me to share my free crochet patterns/content with you. Thank you for your understanding and your support! It means a lot to me.

This pattern and all images associated with this pattern cannot be sold or claimed as your own.

You are allowed to sell finished project. Feel free to mention me for creating this pattern, it would make my day and I can share your finished blanket on my social media if you allow.

Don’t forget to share your project on Instagram! If you have your account you can tag me under

@happyheartsy. I would love to see your finished To the Moon and Back Blanket so I can share it with others.

Before we get into the actual pattern I also created the Ultimate Crochet Hack Sheet! It's 2 pages with basic crochet abbreviations and symbols, hook sizes in US and UK version, all the yarn types (with recommended hooks and projects) etc. Feel free to click on the pic or a link to my Etsy shop where you can find more details.

Crochet Hack Sheet


Yarn - Loops and Threads - Impeccable (4.5oz/127.5g, 285 yd/260m)

Colour A - White - approx. usage - 1050m/643g

Colour B - Soft Rose - approx. usage - 162m/79g

Colour C - Fern - approx. usage - 172m/84g

Colour D - Blue Moon - approx. usage - 51m/25g

Colour E - Lavender - approx. usage -151m/74g

Colour F - Gold - approx. usage - 56m/27g

Colour G - Apricot - approx. usage - 172m/84g

Colour H - Walnut - approx. usage - 33m/16g

Hooks - 6mm / J-10

Scissors, Yarn Needle

Gauge - 12sts x 6.5 rows = 4” x 4”, 10cm x 10cm

Final measurements of the throw - 48” x 60”


  • Pins, paper clips, clothes pins are highly recommended for this project

  • Every row ends with turning ch 2. It counts as a first DC of the next row.

  • This pattern is all in DC so the directions are only numbers of stitches and letters for assigned yarn colour. For example, 82B means 82 DC in colour B.

  • I don’t carry any yarn colour unless it’s for a few stitches when I need to switch the colours.

  • Don't forget to make your last DC of the each row into the last stitch (top second ch)


Ch - chain

FDC - foundation double crochet

St - stitch 

DC - double crochet

0:00 - Introduction

0:25 - About colour work

6:30 - Matching Pillows PROMO

7:59 - How to make an invisible knot

9:55 - How to foundation chain with more colours + First row

18:25 - How to foundation double crochet with more colours

27:47 - Row 2 - how to switch yarn colours + how to use clothes pins/paper clips etc.

37:57 - Row 3 - how to carry yarn, how to hide a string when switch yarn colours 1 + weaving the ends

46:19 - When to carry a yarn through the project

48:57 - Row 4 - how to hide a string when switching yarn colours 2

50:56 - Row 11 - When to stop carrying pink colour through white stiches

52:38 - Row 12 - How to switch colours at the end of the row

56:44 - Row 21

58:43 - Row 73/74 - progress + new colour at the beginning of the row

1:02:30 - Fringe


Foundation DC - 82B, 63A, Ch 2, Turn ( counts as a first row) - YouTube video 18:25


ch 63A, 83B (DC into the 3rd ch from the hook), DC in every ch until the end of the row (you should have 63DC in colour A and 82DC in colour B). Ch 2. Turn. Continue with ROW 2 - YouTube video 9:55

ROW 1 - 82B, 63A

ROW 2 - 62A, 36B, 1A, 11B, 2A, 33B

ROW 3 - 32B, 2A, 13B, 1A, 36B, 25A, 9C, 27A

ROW 4 - 25A, 13C, 22A, 36B, 1A, 14B, 3A, 31B

ROW 5 - 30B, 3A, 15B, 3A, 34B, 20A, 16C, 24A

ROW 6 - 23A, 17C, 20A, 33B, 3A, 16B, 5A, 28B

ROW 7 - 27B, 5A, 17B, 4A, 32B, 19A, 19C, 22A

ROW 8 - 22A, 20C, 19A, 29B, 5A, 18B, 7A, 25B

ROW 9 - 24B, 7A, 19B, 6A, 28B, 19A, 20C, 22A

ROW 10 - 21A, 21C, 20A, 25B, 8A, 19B, 8A, 23B

ROW 11 - 19B, 12A, 20B, 9A, 22B, 21A, 21C, 21A

ROW 12 - 4A, 8C, 9A, 21C, 10A, 10C, 3A, 17B, 12A, 21B, 14A, 16B

ROW 13 - 2A, 11B, 17A, 21B, 16A, 10B, 5A, 14C, 7A, 20C, 7A, 12C, 3A

ROW 14 - 3A, 14C, 5A, 19C, 7A, 16C, 30A, 21B, 30A

ROW 15 - 30A, 22B, 29A, 18C, 5A, 19C, 4A, 15C, 3A

ROW 16 - 3A, 17C, 3A, 17C, 4A, 19C, 30A, 22B, 30A

ROW 17 - 30A, 22B, 30A, 21C, 2A, 16C, 3A, 17C, 4A

ROW 18 - 4A, 18C, 3A, 14C, 2A, 22C, 31A, 21B, 30A

ROW 19 - 30A, 21B, 32A, 37C, 2A, 17C, 6A

ROW 20 - 7A, 53C, 34A, 21B, 30A

ROW 21 - 30A, 21B, 36A, 21C, 8H, 20C, 9A

ROW 22 - 12A, 16C, 10H, 18C, 39A, 20B, 30A

ROW 23 - 31A, 18B, 44A, 13C, 12H, 12C, 15A

ROW 24 - 20A, 7C, 12H, 7C, 51A, 15B, 33A ROW 25 - 33A, 14B, 57A, 2C, 12H, 4C, 23A

ROW 26 - 17A, 10C, 12H, 11C, 50A, 9B, 36A

ROW 27 - 91A, 16C, 10H, 16C, 12A

ROW 28 - 10A, 19C, 8H, 20C, 88A

ROW 29 - 27A, 5D, 54A, 51C, 8A

ROW 30 - 7A, 54C, 51A, 7D, 20A

ROW 31 - 25A, 8D, 50A, 19C, 2A, 11C, 1A, 23C, 6A

ROW 32 - 6A, 22C, 2A, 11C, 3A, 19C, 48A, 9D, 25A

ROW 33 - 17A, 5D, 3A, 9D, 5A, 6D, 36A, 18C, 4A, 13C, 2A, 22C, 5A

ROW 34 - 5A, 20C, 4A, 14C, 4A, 17C, 35A, 9D, 4A, 8D, 1A, 8D, 16A

ROW 35 - 15A, 18D, 2A, 11D, 35A, 15C, 6A, 15C, 4A, 18C, 6A

ROW 36 - 7A, 15C, 6A, 16C, 7A, 13C, 36A, 29D, 16A

ROW 37 - 17A, 11D, 4H, 11D, 39A, 10C, 9A, 16C, 8A, 12C, 8A

ROW 38 - 11A, 4C, 13A, 16C, 13A, 3C, 44A, 8D, 6H, 8D, 19A

ROW 39 - 23A, 4D, 6H, 4D, 64A, 16C, 28A

ROW 40 - 28A, 16C, 61A, 7D, 6H, 6D, 21A

ROW 41 - 17A, 11D, 4H, 10D, 59A, 16C, 28A

ROW 42 - 28A, 16C, 57A, 10D, 1A, 5D, 1A, 13D, 14A

ROW 43 - 14A, 12D, 1A, 7D, 1A, 10D, 57A, 15C, 28A

ROW 44 - 29A, 14C, 56A, 10D, 2A, 7D, 2A, 11D, 14A

ROW 45 - 14A, 10D, 2A, 9D, 2A, 9D, 58A, 11C, 30A

ROW 46 - 31A, 9C, 60A, 6D, 4A, 9D, 5A, 5D, 16A

ROW 47 - 26A, 8D, 7A, 3D, 101A

ROW 48 - 11A, 6E, 94A, 8D, 26A

ROW 49 - 28A, 5D, 39A, 5F, 49A, 12E, 7A

ROW 50 - 6A, 15E, 46A, 8F, 38A, 3D, 29A

ROW 51 - 70A, 8F, 44A, 18E, 5A

ROW 52 - 4A, 19E, 43A, 10F, 69A

ROW 53 - 10A, 6G, 47A, 3F, 3A, 10F, 6A, 3F, 33A, 20E, 4A

ROW 54 - 3A, 22E, 30A, 8F, 3A, 9F, 2A, 7F, 43A, 10G, 8A

ROW 55 - 6A, 14G, 41A, 8F, 2A, 7F, 2A, 10F, 30A, 22E, 3A

ROW 56 - 3A, 23E, 29A, 11F, 2A, 6F, 1A, 9F, 40A, 16G, 5A

ROW 57 - 4A, 17G, 41A, 14F, 1A, 2F, 30A, 23E, 3A

ROW 58 - 3A, 23E, 32A, 11F, 5H, 7F, 42A, 18G, 4A

ROW 59 - 4A, 18G, 46A, 3F, 5H, 3F, 21A, 7E, 12A, 22E, 4A

ROW 60 - 4A, 21E, 9A, 13E, 14A, 8F, 5H, 2F, 47A, 18G, 4A

ROW 61 - 3A, 19G, 39A, 26F, 10A, 17E, 6A, 21E, 33A, 1E

ROW 62 - 3E, 2A, 19E, 5A, 20E, 8A, 11F, 1A, 17F, 37A, 19G, 3A

ROW 63 - 4A, 18G, 37A, 12F, 1A, 4F, 3A, 10F, 7A, 22E, 4A, 17E, 2A, 4E

ROW 64 - 23E, 2A, 25E, 5A, 11F, 2A, 5F, 2A, 11F, 14A, 11G, 12A, 18G, 4A

ROW 65 - 4A, 18G, 8A, 17G, 12A, 9F, 4A, 5F, 4A, 8F, 6A, 26E, 2A, 22E

ROW 66 - 21E, 2A, 26E, 9A, 3F, 6A, 7F, 5A, 6F, 12A, 19G, 8A, 17G, 4A

ROW 67 - 5A, 16G, 6A, 22G, 21A, 9F, 17A, 28E, 1A, 20E

ROW 68 - 13E, 5H, 30E, 18A, 9F, 21A, 24G, 5A, 15G, 3A, 2G

ROW 69 - 3G, 3A, 14G, 4A, 25G, 22A, 8F, 19A, 27E, 9H, 11E

ROW 70 - 11E, 9H, 26E, 21A, 7F, 22A, 27G, 3A, 13G, 2A, 4G

ROW 71 - 6G, 1A, 12G, 2A, 27G, 24A, 5F, 24A, 24E, 9H, 11E

ROW 72 - 11E, 9H, 21E, 57A, 28G, 1A, 18G

ROW 73 - 17G, 1A, 28G, 59A, 20E, 9H, 11E

ROW 74 - 7A, 6E, 5H, 5E, 77A, 45G

ROW 75 - 43G, 75A, 24E, 3A

ROW 76 - 1A, 29E, 74A, 25G, 6H, 10G

ROW 77 - 8G, 10H, 20G, 74A, 33E

ROW 78 - 17E, 1A, 17E, 77A, 15G, 10H, 5G, 3A

ROW 79 - 4A, 3G, 12H, 6G, 84A, 18E, 2A, 16E

ROW 80 - 16E, 2A, 19E, 78A, 11G, 12H, 7G

ROW 81 - 7G, 12H, 17G, 71A, 20E, 2A, 16E

ROW 82 - 15E, 4A, 20E, 66A, 22G, 10H, 8G

ROW 83 - 8G, 10H, 25G, 63A, 20E, 4A, 15E

ROW 84 - 14E, 6A, 19E, 60A, 30G, 6H, 10G

ROW 85 - 46G, 60A, 18E, 8A, 13A

ROW 86 - 12E, 10A, 16E, 59A, 29G, 1A, 9G, 1A, 8G

ROW 87 - 6G, 2A, 10G, 2A, 28G, 60A, 15E, 12A, 10E

ROW 88 - 8E, 17A, 10E, 61A, 28G, 2A, 11G, 2A, 6G

ROW 89 - 3G, 5A, 12G, 2A, 27G, 96A

ROW 90 - 96A, 25G, 4A, 13G, 4A, 3G

ROW 91 - 7A, 14G, 4A, 24G, 96A

ROW 92 - 96A, 22G, 5A, 16G, 6A

ROW 93 - 6A, 16G, 7A, 19G, 97A

ROW 94 - 46A, 4D, 49A, 14G, 10A, 16G, 6A

ROW 95 - 5A, 17G, 14A, 7G, 50A, 7D, 45A

ROW 96 - 35A, 4D, 5A, 9D, 4A, 3D, 63A, 17G, 5A

ROW 97 - 5A, 17G, 62A, 6D, 1A, 10D, 4A, 6D, 3A

ROW 98 - 34A, 7D, 3A, 18D, 61A, 17G, 5A

How to attach fringe

For this blanket I decided to make the fringe for each corner.

Grab any colour you’d like. I picked Blue Moon. Then find any object like a book, tablet, anything that you like the length of it and wrap the yarn around it. I end up with 50x 16” strings for one corner. 

Then pull through the corner whole bunch of strings, fold them on half and with a string fasten it 1-2” under the folded part. For better look cut the ends to make the ends nicely straight.

Ta-Da! Your Flowers Dream Throw is done!


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